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About The Girl Tribe


The Girl Tribe team is at the heart of our community. For us this is much more than just “a job”. We have seen the sunshine that radiates from the women in this tribe and have felt the incredible energy and power of that positivity. Now we’re addicted as we’re sure you will be too. Say hello to the Girl Tribe team and your new virtual BFFs!


Team Members


Malini Agarwal

Founder/Creative Director
Malini has lived many lives in one, but they've all culminated into this singular moment of realisation of a wild dream -- a safe space on the Internet, filled with positivity and love. The rocketship doesn't stop here though. With her at the helm, there will soon be a Queendom of Kindness if she has it her way. And you know, she will find a way to have her way! Till then Girl Tribe by MisMallini is a good place to start.

Alisha Fernandes

Features Director
A multi-tasking octopus with a keen eye for solving mysteries. In the real world, she's the highly-caffeinated, food-loving Features Director at MissMalini who firmly believes that everyone around her has a story to tell.

Natasha Patel

Deputy Features Director
Our resident aesthetic queen never fails to impress us with her beauty knowledge, inspiration-worthy nails and mostly her ability to not take herself too seriously. She loves a good blow-dry, pudina chai and would have definitely been a DJ in her past life but for right now she is the Deputy Features Director & Beauty Editor of this ship.

Saania Hava

Creative Strategist
Creative Strategist at MissMalini but her enthu-cutlet attitude has her wearing multiple hats. She loves conversations, hugs, #ootds and all things sparkly and she carries that sparkle wherever she goes!

Pooja Maheshwary

Sr Features Writer - Girl Tribe
For the first 5 minutes, you'll mistake her for being too quiet, but 5 days in and her sass will have you ROFL. She's the headstrong, kind-hearted and efficacious key player behind creating content for Girl Tribe by MissMalini.
Mallika Jhaveri

Mallika Jhaveri

Jr Features Writer - Girl Tribe
Mallika is the pro at midnight-snacking and social media-stalking lover of all things whack. Creative thinker and writer, she is on a mission to find like-minded weirdos like herself.

Dhanashree Koli

Graphic Designer
The creative force behind this whole operation, she turns our thoughts into works of art without much explanation needed, but her true power is being able to eat McDonald's and still stay fit!
Nelly Wadia

Nelly Wadia

Sr Features Writer
Passionate about fashion but making memes is her secret superpower. She spends her days on a see-saw between awkwardness and weirdness, but also likes basic things like eating, cooking and beaches. Even saying this much about herself has her feeling weird.

Suruchi Patwary

Lifestyle Features Writer
Suruchi wears her heart on her sleeve and her emotions are très evident on her face. You’ll find this Lifestyle Writer is always up to tell you about the most recent yummy thing she ate and always has has a list of horror recommendations on hand!
Sakshi Kore

Sakshi Kore

Jr Features Writer
Sakshi, much like abstract art is ever-evolving and interesting to decipher. Her favourite pass-time is over-analysing situations and finding things to laugh about, most commonly her own life, which makes her relatable AF and makes people comfortable enough to be themselves around her.
Aryana Dalal

Aryana Dalal

Jr Community Manager
Aryana is a South Bombay girl but really, she lives on Instagram.Gorgeous, talented, insanely funny, smart and obviously incredibly humble, this pro napper is currently trying to reduce her embarrassingly high screen time.uty Editor of this ship.
Akansha Harmalkar r

Akansha Harmalkar

Jr Community Manager
Akansha's unassuming nature might have you think that she's shy, but like most lethal weapons that's just a front for her lethal sense of humour, amazing dance moves and creative skill! Challenge her to a dance-off at your own risk, but don't say we didn't warn you!

Yeansha Lodha

Manager to MissMalini
Manager to Optimus Prime. Major Enthu Cutlet. OCD. Heheh. We all have it a little 🙄

Nishita Rohera

Community Manager
Nishita Rohera is community manager who handles associations, social media & events for Malini’s Girl Tribe. She's a super hardworking and a fun-loving person to be around. She loves getting to know all kinds of people which is why she loves the tribe so much! She thinks life is all about achieving your goals & being as happy as you can each day and she strives to do just that!

Sara Lokhandwala

Jr. Community Manager
Sara Lokhandwala is the Jr. Community Manager for MissMalini and she looks into social media, content and communication for Malini’s GirlTribe! Extremely approachable, hardworking and kind and always a message away for anyone. Moreover, she loves all things makeup, coffee, films and the occasional Instagram stalking.

Neha Verma

Video Production Head
Neha is your go-to person for all things video at MissMalini Entertainment. She's like a colourful excel sheet - beautiful, organized, and trustworthy of seamlessly executing any given task. Fitness and meditation is her way of life and she finds joy in the smallest things like food, sleep, music or even adrak wali chai!

Jui Chitaliya

Jr. Community Manager
Broaden your horizons to revel in the company of someone who is a perfect blend of both worlds. Balmy or outgoing reasonably. She believes in displaying her actions purposefully with a dash of amusement. The world is full of atrocities and do we need another serious person? Before you conjecture, let me shed light on the fact that she is good at balancing scales, being weird is her creative trait and she always has an eye on fashion. She has a cheeky riposte to any hurdles thrown her way with utmost determination. Jui in a nutshell!

Kavisha Mody

Junior Writer, Influencer News Desk
She is the most enthu member of the Trending team who has zero chill in life. She loves to dig out interesting stories from the Influencer world. And might we add, she's a one-woman army at work. She also spends her free time watching sappy romantic films and crying over them.

Shivangi Sethi

Trending Intern
Shivangi is someone who never gets tired of talking! A happy-go-lucky kinda human who can be friends with anyone. She is pro at coming up with quirky ideas and also, her dancing skills are super smooooth!

Shravan Shah

Entertainment Head
Our Entertainment head, Shravan Shah could give Ranveer Singh a run for his money in terms of his booming voice and never-ending energy. He loves to talk about everything movies & celebrities and spearhead his beautiful and talented team through thick and thin. What's more? He cooks mouth-watering dishes, has a signature pose for his Instagram pictures and is a bit of a celebrity himself. Currently, he is busy hosting a brand new video series called Game Over With Ravanspeaks on MissMalini's YouTube channel.

Pallavi Manoj

Sr. Entertainment Blogger
Our inhouse dancer who loves to ask absolutely random questions to celebrities, write celebrity sketches, collect gorgeous bohemian jewellery and review really bad movies (Preferably by animatedly acting out the entire story). She also hosts a brand new video series called Bollywood Zoomies on MissMalini's YouTube channel.

Karishma Govil

Content Head, Influencer News Desk
The in-house motivator and comedy creator, who’s always a laugh riot to be around knows all about influencers because she is one herself. PS - Her positivity is absolutely contagious!

Shubanka Sridhar

Entertainment Blogger
The soft-spoken one of the team. A hard-worker, a team player and someone who's supremely reliable. She's got a nose for photography, great design sense and someone who can recommend fun content and great movies.

Swagata Dam

Head of Content Strategy - Girl Tribe
When not creating content or ideating for the Gir Tribe, Swagata can be found exploring various beautiful destinations, reading, journaling, meditating, singing, living slowly and mindfully. She loves all things vintage as they teleport her to an era bygone filled with the old world charm. A collector of endless stories, cute stationery, wine corks, yellow floral dresses, and happy quotes on Pinterest - Swags is our resident vocalist and joie de vivre.

Avya Sharma

Jr. Entertainment Blogger
Our lockdown addition to the team! Avya is the kween of cringe content, bad Bollywood PJs and reality TV shows. A total charmer, fast learner and an expert at nailing celebrity Instagram posts. PS: She's got the looks to be cast as the next Naagin and a laugh that would put any 90s TV vamp to shame. Komolika, who?
mrinal bhat

Mrinal Bhat

Content Strategist
Mrinal is that extra boost of energy, super enthu about ticking things off her to-do list(s). A multi tasking machine, she is obsessed with the Girl Tribe by MissMalini. It is not too tough to switch on the emo-button in her as she literally thinks from her heart! Coffee, candid conversations, plants, pets, well-made excel sheets and all-things-food add all the jazzy sparkles to her life.

Yashi Verma

Hindi Content Writer
The heart, soul and everything else of the Hindi vertical of MissMalini. A one-woman army in herself, she solely handles the Hindi entertainment section and is killing it. She knows everything that Indian Television has to boast, is the last one to leave any party and is a total sweetheart. Besides, what's cooler than going to the Bigg Boss house?