How To: Keep Your Skin Blemish-Free While Wearing A Mask


How To: Keep Your Skin Blemish-Free While Wearing A Mask

If it wasn’t enough that COVID-19 has effectively skewed and killed all our plans for 2020, now along with wearing masks all day long we’re suffering from sudden breakouts as a result! eye roll alert

And with temperatures as humid as ours, wearing a mask creates total havoc with our skin. But thankfully, we have skin experts like Dr Kiran Sethi to answer all our questions and to leave ‘mask-ne‘ (mask-acne, get it?) behind!

1. What happens to one’s skin when they wear a mask constantly?

So, the skin gets obstructed here… There is something called acne occlusiva, which happens when you occlude the pores for extended periods, either from your phone, your hand, or your masks—And this results in pimples! The skin gets irritated due to the friction from the masks and causes dryness and rashes. It can also leave impressions from the mask if worn too tightly. Excess sweat can also result in heat rash and acne from pore and sweat gland obstruction. The heat from the mask can trigger rosacea, meaning flushed cheeks, acne-like lesions, heat in the face and skin sensitivity.

2. Tips to keep your skin clean and clear:

  • Keep changing your mask throughout the day, and wash your mask every time you use it or use disposable ones.
  • Use a face wipe if you get sweaty and change your mask.
  • Wear the mask as necessary, don’t wear it when you are alone. You can’t get infected without someone else around you.
  • Take 1-2 minute mask break as needed throughout the day.
  • Add salicylic acid cleansers to your skincare routine to prevent obstruction.
  • Do not wear makeup—The more layers under the mask the more obstruction of your follicles.
  • Reduce the layers you apply when it comes to your skincare. You simply don’t need it and it will only cause buildup under the mask.
  • Cleanse 3 times a day, albeit gently, please. Do not use overaggressive harsh detergents. Gentle face wipes, Cetaphil and micellar water is good for the mid-day to cleanse. Over cleansing can cause dysregulation of your sebum secretion and result in more sweating and oiliness paradoxically.

3. A suggested routine:

  1. Cleanse with iS Clinical Cleansing Complex. Then use Bioderma‘s Pore Refiner in the morning.
  2. A light sunscreen like Zscreen or UV Blue is better than a heavier one under a mask.
  3. Mid-day: A facial wipe (organic biodegradable ones are best) followed by a light sunblock is enough. iS Clinical facial mist is good for those who feel more dehydrated under the mask.
  4. End of the day: iS Clinical Cleansing Complex with a scrub like White Objective Moussant 1-2 x week.
  5. A good AHA or retinol at night is key like Biopelle Line Subtractor (20% AHA) and IS Clinical Polyvitamin Serum (retinol)
  6. Light moisturisers like Sebium Hydra and Sensibio Cream
  7. For face masks: GlamGlow has a great range, and Pentapeel wipes are fab a 1-3 times a week for pore clarifying.

4. Solutions and/or home remedies for when you have a pimple or recurring acne and you have to wear a mask:

My fave home DIY for pimples esp big pimples is Cureac lotion with Vaseline jelly on top, once a day. It helps to reduce inflammation, kill bacteria and helps in healing. Use very little Cureac, and don’t go overboard!

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